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We were fortunate to acquire this bold and beautiful, deep purple, gem-quality amethyst pendant set in sterling silver with an amethyst accent stone. This big gemstone has a very symmetrical center point. It can be worn as a pendant or it can be used as a pendulum, or both!


This pendant has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to enhance all positive possibilities. In any situation, wearing this enchanted pendant, especially if it is visible to others, will enhance the likelihood of having a beneficial and positive outcome for you.


During the enchantment process, we also called in the following Stewardship Angels to imbue their special energy into the pendant:


Karondarel, Angel of Manifestation

Shuzuwass, Angel of Positive Possibilities

Shalilth, Angel of Helpfulness

Huberon, Angel of Abundance

Sijon, Angel of Achievement

Ahnsovald, Angel of Ventures

Vaalderyn, Angel of Resonance

Elliquel, Angel of Contentment

Kaomhim, Angel of Compatibility

Aleifrdr, Angel of Respect

Paschar, Angel of Blessings

Wizmar, Angel of Good Fortune

Enchanted Amethyst Crystal Pendant

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