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Alien Eye Stones are a truly unique type of agate and geode. They are astonishingly strange and wonderful. Alien Eye Stones are naturally occurring, very rare agate nodules found in only a couple of very localized arid regions on Earth. They come in a wide variety of colors.

While many are solid agate, some of them are hollow and are tiny quartz crystal geodes inside beneath the solid agate outer layer. When the nodules are backlit you can see the colors clearly as well as the nodule and any crystals inside.

The formation of the agate nodules millions of years ago created a peculiar round-eye effect that definitely looks like one or more alien eyes staring back at you. Most of the nodules have multiple eyes, and depending upon how you orient the nodule you can have one, two, or more eyes staring back at you.

Each Alien Eye stone is one-of-a-kind and unique. They are one of the easiest enchanted stones to form a resonance with, and many people find themselves inexorably drawn to one particular Alien Eye Stone that is their resonance just from looking at the pictures on our website.

Alien Eye Stones are potent magickal items. Each stone has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to open a telepathic and visual conduit of communication with intelligent, non-human, or non-mortal beings; everything from angels to aliens, and they can be on this planet or in any realm or dimension.

While you are wide awake, the enchanted Alien Eye Stone will open a communication tunnel so you will have visions of the place where the being you are communicating with resides and be able to have a telepathic connection and communication with them. This can happen through the magick of the enchanted Alien Eye Stone, even if you have never previously had a successful telepathic connection with anyone.

To activate the magick of the enchanted Alien Eye Stone follow these steps:

If awake:
1. For your safety, clearly state aloud before you begin that you only allow Higher Beings of Light to connect with you. If you state that clearly and aloud, your auric field will respond and act as a shield to prevent unwanted contact.

2. Clearly know with whom you are seeking contact, i.e., a specific angel, an alien from a specific planet; a human, or some other intelligent being on a specific planet or location in another dimension.

3. Stare at the eyes and keep staring at the eyes in the enchanted Alien Eye Stone and state aloud that you are seeking a connection to…. If you are calling on an angel, you can find the names of many of the most frequently called upon in my book Angels of Miracles and Manifestation. A simple little summoning repeated aloud three times is very effective while holding the enchanted Alien Eye Stone to receive a clear and quick response from the angel.

For instance, if you we calling upon the Angel of Good Fortune, Wizalaray, you would repeat aloud three times:

“Wizalaray, Wizalaray, Wizalaray, please come to me.”

4. Once summoned aloud, continue to stare at the eyes in the enchanted Alien Eye Stone and be sensitive to the thoughts and visions that come into your mind, and to words you may hear whispering aloud in your ears, or plainly speaking in your mind while your ears may hear nothing.

If going to sleep:
1. The procedure is similar. Follow the same steps excluding Step 4. After you finish Step 3, turn off your lights and go right to sleep. Your communications will occur in your dream state. If you awaken during the night, record or write down as many of the specifics of your dream, and then review it in the morning when you are awake enough to decipher its meaning.

The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the enchanted Alien Eye Stones:


Amvariel: Angel of Protection from Negative Entities

Dalsaleen: Angel of Message Dreams

Grascual: Angel of Communication

Jelehnessu: Angel of Discernment

Kaliisher: Angel of Dream Memory

Korbon: Angel of Telepathy

Letasius: Angel of Interdimensional Connections

Neusbarellia: Angel of Connect and Communicate with Deceased Loved Ones

Yistachalee: Spirit Communication

Enchanted Alien Eye Stones

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