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A cornucopia of beauty in this Crystal Confection by Skye Lani, featuring a large Rose Quartz Heart, a Carved Labradorite Rose, a lovely druzy Amethyst Cluster, a clear double-terminated Quartz Crystala small Chevron Amethyst Heart, two Amethyst Crystal Points, a tiny Quartz Crystal Sphere, numerous Quartz Crystal Clusters and individual points one 3.5 " beauty, and two spectacular blue Aqua Aura Crystal Cluster with over a dozen points. Everything sits inside of an elegant cut glass goblet.


Crystal Confections are quite unique in appearance with natural invigorating energy from the semi-precious stones and crystals. They tend to draw many "oohs" and "ahs" when visitors first see them, and you will find your eyes being drawn to them every day.


If you like, they can be purchased just as is for their visual and natural energy appeal, or If you desire extra benefit, your Crystal Confection can also be enchanted by three Energy Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to continuously draw beneficial magickal energies that you have specified, whenever you are within sight of the Crystal Confection.

The entire Crystal Confection art piece is expertly and invisibly joined together as one unit with clear high-energy adhesive. This allows you to easily keep your crystal confection dust-free. Simply rinse it under running water then gently turn it upside down with your hand underneath holding a towel and you can quickly dry it off and have it sparkling and clean!

Crystal Confection by Skye

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