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We searched the world over to find a supplier that could manufacture a sweatshirt that met all of our requests and had the power of the Celestine Light symbol on it. After months of searching, we have found a match and this vibrant purple sweatshirt meets all of the criteria we wished to fulfill.


  • 100% French Terry cotton
  • Celestine Light magickal symbol on the front
  • High-vibration purple color
  • Metal zippers, so no deformity if put in the dryer, which happens with plastic zippers
  • Hoodie
  • Double zippers that can zip up or down, or both directions at once
  • Star Zipper hanger symbolic of the Children of Light, which can be removed.
  • Children of Light motto on arms: “Love, Faith, Stewardship”


While this sweatshirt is great just as a soft, warm garment, there is much more to it for anyone lucky enough to be wearing one. There are three naturally magickal aspects to this sweatshirt that might make it a piece of clothing that you find yourself always wanting to wear!


  • The Celestine Light Symbol is an extremely powerful magickal sigil that connects directly to the omnipotent power of Elohim (God). This symbol is extremely uplifting to Children of Light, and most will feel a deep resonance in their soul from the very first time they see the sigil. However, any person, creature, entity, demon, or other energy form or being with evil intents will find the symbol extremely repulsive to the point that they will be strongly repelled and not able to remain in its presence.
  • The Royal Purple Color reminds us that we are Children of Light, a “royal generation,” and sons and daughters of God, with all the blessings that entails as we live our lives in the light.
  • The Children of Light Motto: Love, Faith, Stewardship, reminds the wearer to embody these noble qualities in their daily lives. Having the words plainly visible on the sleeves helps us to be cognizant of these three powerful energies and to live them each day in how we treat ourselves and others.


Wearing the Celestine Light sweatshirt with its three magickal aspects – the Celestine Light symbol, the color purple, and the Children of Light motto, will continually call out and unleash the greater personal gifts and powers within you. It will help you to connect to your Higher Self, have a stronger connection to God, and project the best version of yourself in any situation, from romance to profession.


If you are purchasing a Celestine Light sweatshirt you should consider combining it with a Celestine Light pendant where you can see the details and colors of the Celestine Light symbol and learn about the special powers of each aspect.


When you purchase your sweatshirt or the pendant, the nine-page explanation of the powers of the Celestine Light symbol will be emailed to you.


May you be blessed and enjoy what will likely become your favorite piece of clothing you have!


Celestine Light Purple Zip-up Hoodie

Expected to ship by January 1, 2024
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