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The Egyptians knew exactly the magickal abilities of Tiger's Eye. Once enchanted it was used as the eyes of their statues of deity. It was a revered stone considered the “all-seeing, all-knowing” eye of the gods. When humans possessed Tiger's Eye it was believed that nothing would escape their observation and they would have the ability to even see what transpired behind walls and doors.


Tigereye by itself is a completely golden, chatoyant mineral. Tiger's Eye-Iron is most commonly a mixture of the golden chatoyant Tiger's Eye with the minerals Silver Hematite (Silver Iron) and Red Jasper. In rare instances, Tiger's Eye can be found mixed with the Silver Iron, but without any of the Red Jasper and that is the composition of this magickal sphere.


When these rare stones were found they were considered bridges between the higher realms represented by the Golden Tigereye and the Earth represented by the Silver Iron.


This Tiger's Eye – Silver Iron sphere also has a very clear 'eye' at one end almost giving the appearance of an eyeball when you hold it in your hand. This striking feature allowed the sphere to be strongly enchanted in a Celestine Light Circle of Power by three Adepts to see that which is hidden and not meant to be seen. The observation may come physically or in a vision, but it will be clear and unmistakable.


It has also been enchanted to take advantage of its unusual composition of Tiger's Eye and Silver Iron without the Red Jasper. This special blend truly lends itself to being enchanted to give the possessor a clear connection and consciousness to the duality of the world. They will not be surprised by people or events. Instead, they will be quite aware of the honest and the dishonest, the light and the dark, the right and the wrong. The Silver Iron will keep them grounded with a strong willpower to follow what they know to be right. And the Golden Tiger's Eye will always guide them to the higher paths of light.

The following Stewardship Angels were also called upon during the enchantment to imbue their divine energy into the sphere:


Tirusah, the Angel of Willpower

Zharaies, the Angel of Vision

Iskkeneder, the Angel of the Unseen

Lehona, the Angel of Truth

Jelehnessu, the Angel of Discernment

Ulalyani, the Angel of Claircognizance


Size: 35mm

Enchanted Tiger's Eye Sphere

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