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This is a lovely solid sterling silver pendant of Ruby Zoisite with a white iridescent stone accent flower surrounded by three diamond cut accent stones. It is composed primarily of green Zoisite with a few imbedded pieces of red ruby.

Ruby is a naturally magickal mineral, which is revealed when it is exposed to a 395nm ultraviolet light and fluoresces a brilliant orange/red color. Ruby creates a natural amplification of passion, not just in romantic relationships, but in any area of life that passion for the cause or task is helpful.

As the primary mineral in this enchanted pendant is green Zoisite, the wearer will benefit from its calming influence and intuitive prompting to enter into positive relationships that have the resonance to be sustained over time. The enchanted green Zoisite will also help the passion of the Ruby to not exert undue influence that can cause relationships to be so hot that they soon crash and burn.

This special pendant has been enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power, to instill sustainable passion in its possessor for whatever purpose they desire or need greater passion for. While passion is traditionally associated with romantic relationships, the magickal power of this pendant will also enliven the owner with passion for any purpose such as: passion for a new venture, passion for their health, passion for a political or moral cause, and of course more passion in their romantic life!

During the enchantment process the following Stewardship Angels were also called upon to imbue their specific divine energy into the pendant:

Carmentisia, the Angel of Passion
Shazar, the Angel of Fire
Veliton, the Angel of Action
Kalalatair, the Angel of Energy & Vitality
Vellusia, the Angel of Romantic Love
Isvarnel, Angel of Sustainability

Enchanted Ruby Zoisite Pendant

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