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The harp is made of seven tubes of 99.9% pure quartz silica in the Middle C musical scale tuned to 440Hz and an eighth tube in High C. Each tube is crafted at temperatures exceeding 1500 degrees centigrade, to exact size and thickness by highly skilled artisans. The tubes are like quartz crystals that have been shaped by master artisans into an instrument of astounding resonance with unique acoustic properties. The harp can create powerful magick for a myriad of purposes once it has been enchanted.


Owning an enchanted Harmonic Crystal Harp can truly be life-changing. From the very first deep, pulsing, resonant note you play with a light tap of the soft mallet on one of the quartz tubes, you will feel the magick in the air and coursing in your body! Your aura expands, your energy centers light up with excitement, and you are easily transported to higher levels of awareness, feelings, and an almost cosmic sense of wondrous possibilities.


Each quartz tube is individually enchanted for a special type of magick that correlates to the seven major Celestine Light Root Ki energy centers of the body. By playing different combinations of notes, an endless array of magickal combinations to fulfill any purpose or desire can be manifested using the enchanted Harmonic Crystal Harp.


Below are the magickal enchantments held by each tube based upon their musical note. A single tap on the last quartz tube of High C, at the beginning and at the end, is used exclusively to activate whatever magick has been created by playing the music of the lower notes.


High C: Activates all magick created by the other notes.

B: Higher Self Insights, Psychic Powers, Spiritual Connections, Destiny

A: Mental Power, Knowledge, Perception, Dreams, Intuition

G: Self-confidence, Self-esteem, Communication, Independence, Initiative, Will Power

F: Emotions, Passions, Love, Empathy, Compassion, Joy, Forgiveness

E: Past Lives, Past Experiences, Primal Fears, Primal Instincts, Cellular Knowledge

D: Physical Body and Physical Health, Immune System

Middle C: Sexuality, Creativity, Playfulness, Imagination


Now the fun begins! Once you have decided upon a purpose that you desire magickal assistance to help manifest, you simply need to decide which combination of enchanted notes on the Harmonic Crystal Harp will best coalesce the fullness of the magick to manifest your purpose.


Step 1: Begin by lightly tapping High C a single time and speaking aloud in a concise few words the purpose you are coalescing and calling in the magickal energies to help manifest.


Step 2: After the harmonic vibrations of High C begin to fade, tap each of the other notes you have predetermined are the best notes to manifest the magick for your purpose. Hit one note at a time and count silently to three before you hit the next note. It does not matter in what order you hit the multiple notes.


Step 3: Hit High C one time and once again state aloud the purpose you are calling in and coalescing the magickal energies to help manifest.


Step 4: Repeat as many times during the day as you wish.

Multiple and complex enchantments by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of power are required to fully coalesce all the magickal energy that is imbued into the Harmonic Crystal Harp.


The following Archangels are called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their province of power into the Harmonic Crystal Harp allowing the powers of whatever Stewardship Angels in their province to manifest their magickal energy as you call upon it for your needs.


Qwrtheyrn, the Archangel of Attitude

Teyzekael, the Archangel of Avocation

Shimwemwe, the Archangel of Creative Expansion

Churisel, the Archangel of Dreams

Gaeanaire, the Archangel of Life

Wezantiel, the Archangel of Longevity

Balasuintha, the Archangel of Personal Development

Xeomilaith, the Archangel of Psychic & Paranormal Abilities

Saveinn, the Archangel of Relationships

Azrael, the Archangel of the Soul

Gabriel, the Archangel of Divine Connections

Yadadinel, the Archangel of Well-being

Enchanted Quartz Crystal Harp

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