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True Aqua Aura Crystals use an alchemic process to heat flash bond vaporized 24kt gold in a vacuum chamber to the surface of natural quartz crystals. The results are beyond spectacular. Though gold is used, an electric blue quartz crystal is created, as the space between gold molecules as they merge with the outside surface of the quartz is the color blue to the human eye.


Interestingly, if you break the crystal and look at it from the inside out, it will appear gold rather than blue. Another fascinating fact about true Aqua Aura crystals is the gold is molecularly bonded to the quartz. The gold literally becomes physically blended and bonded with the quartz. It is not a coating like electroplating that can be scraped or worn off.


I was fortunate enough to be the very first person to introduce Aqua Aura to the New Age world in the late 80’s. I was foot-loose and fancy-free at the time, when Bob, a good friend who owned a crystal mine, asked if I would be interested in loading up my camper truck with four dozen flats of Aqua Aura crystals and drive thousands of miles to different crystal/New Age stores in the US and introduce them to this new creation, which up until that point only a handful of people had ever seen. Bob’s friend in Lynnwood, Washington, was the inventor of the process that created Aqua Aura, and none of us knew if and crystal stores would be interested in buying it. No worries there, as everyone was ecstatically interested!


My original plan was to visit all of the western states and then head into the southern states. However, every store I stopped at in Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Arizona and Colorado, didn’t want to try just a few crystals, they were enthralled by Aqua Aura and almost everyone wanted at least one full flat of dozens of crystal clusters. I sold the last flat of Aqua Aura crystals in Denver, Colorado and never got to the stores in states beyond that point.


Today you can find Aura Quartz in many colors besides blue. Where the original Aqua Aura was made using gold, you can now find Angel Aura made with Platinum and Silver; Green Apple Aura made with nickel bonded to the quartz surface; Champagne Aura made with bonded Gold and Indium; Cobalt Aura melded with cobalt; Flame Aura bonded with Titanium and Niobium; Opal Aura melded with Platinum; Rainbow Aura molecularly merging Gold and Titanium; and other varieties and colors including Rose Aura, Ruby Aura, Sunshine Aura, Tangerine Aura, and Tanzine Aura. I’m sure there will still be new varieties in the future. But it all began with Aqua Aura and a trip around the country with flats of crystals that were gobbled up as fast as I could show them.


Many practitioners of magick prefer to use natural, unpolished, untreated crystals. Almost everyone makes an exception for Aqua Aura. Even unenchanted Aqua Aura has an extraordinarily high vibration and most people are irresistibly drawn to it.


This eye-catching Aqua Aura pendant has been enchanted by three Magical Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to facilitate connection and communication with your Guardian Angel and other angels as well. A stronger, clearer connection with your Guardian Angel will insure your intuitive abilities are accentuated. When you expand your consciousness and tune into your Higher Self, you will receive frequent and very clear intuitive guidance for life challenges, big or small. Your Guardian Angel will communicate with you in other ways as well, and your Xe Ki (psyche) energy center will expand, prompting increased psychic and paranormal abilities.


The following Stewardship Angels were called upon during the enchantment process to add their special angelic energy to the enchanted Aqua Aura pendant:


Aqudikael: Angel of Aura

Balasuintha: Angel of Personal Development

Daliisher: Angel Meditation

Gabriel: Angel of Divine Connections

Hashaleen: Angel of Good Judgement

Kajabonel: Angel of Spiritual Awakening

Oarqhar: Angel of Higher Self

Quan Yin: Angel of Virtue

Serusha: Angel of Spiritual Development

Stradanel: Angel of Character

Telarzarel: Angel of Destiny

Ujara: Angel of Unleashing Inner Psychic & Paranormal Powers

Xeramqua: Angel of the Xe Ki (Psyche)

Enchanted Aqua Aura Pendant

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