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Amethyst Stalactite jewelry is made from slices of a very rare form of amethyst found in just a few places in the world. Just like the limestone stalactites that people are more familiar with, amethyst stalactites grow in long spike formations. However, they do not grow in vast caves, but in small crystal-lined air pockets in volcanic rock called ‘vugs’, or inside large geodes.


Drop by drop over millions of years the minerals dissolved in the water percolating into air pockets form the agate core of the stalactite as the minerals come out of solution. Depending upon the trace minerals mixed with the siliceous agate as it solidifies a wide range of colors and patterns can emerge in the agate core.


At a later geologic time when conditions in the air pocket changed along with the composition of the surrounding mineral-rich water, amethyst crystals begin growing around the agate core. On even rarer occasions a second layer of agate will grow over the first ring of amethyst crystals, which is then followed by a second ring of amethyst crystals.


We were lucky to acquire several of these gorgeous gemstones which were cut from thin slices of the amethyst stalactites, but this is our last one. This allows you to see both the translucent purple amethyst crystals and the fascinating color and pattern combinations of the agate core.


Each amethyst stalactite pendant was enchanted by three Adepts in a Celestine Light Circle of Power to Unleash Your Hidden Talents. Just like the beauty and colorful variety of the agate core of the stalactites cannot be seen until they are opened to reveal it, so too your hidden talents and abilities will be revealed and expanded by the magick aura of the your Enchanted Amethyst Stalactite Pendant. Do you have musical, artistic, inventive, entrepreneurial or some other talent you have always been drawn to but never really let out or tried to develop? Let the magick of Amethyst Stalactite Pendant give you the boost to a new reality of wonder.


The following 17 Stewardship Angels were also individually called upon during the enchantment process to imbue their special energy into the enchanted pendants:


Shimwemwe, Archangel of Creative Expansion

Belletia, Angel of Self-expression

Ellicielle, Angel of Negating Self-sabotage

Graszaneen, Angel of Self-empowerment

Ionestia, Angel of Initiative

Karondarel, Angel of Manifestation

Sarkaroc, Angel of Catalyst Energy

Shuzuwass, Angel of Positive Possibilities

Jorentin, Angel of Ideas

Ahnsovald, Angel of Ventures

Veliton, Angel of Action

Hahatah, Angel of Enthusiasm

Ralchosabar, Angel of Self-confidence

Sijon, Angel of Achievement

Jaelkavel, Angel of Legacy

Carmetisia, Angel of Passion

Wizmar, Angel of Good Fortune

Enchanted Amethyst Stalactite Pendant

$575.00 Regular Price
$431.25Sale Price
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